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is a chance for
real change.


is successfully adapting oneself to hostile environments in order to survive, while making the most of collective intelligence and the strength of mass collaboration.

Inuit also means humanity in the Inuktitut language

Our mission


Every day we are living in more and more highly-complex environments.

Our mission as a consultancy is to initiate and follow through with processes of change. These should be transparent, participatory and bottom-up strategies, which shall include the teams and organizations we work with entirely.

At Inuit we think that the best way to tackle complexity is precisely, with simplicity.


Inuit is multitasking


As a consultancy we are experts in initiating processes of change and adjustment.


We offer certification in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, as well as in other methodologies. We manage LSP training in Barcelona with trainer Lucio Margulis.

inuit LAB

We explore the possibilities and limits of gamification and co-creating tools, such as Dixit® or Rory’s Story Cubes®


Our expertise


Innovation in family business®

At Inuit we support the momentum that a solid relationship between family members can bring to a company.
Through innovative techniques, aimed at strengthening and caring for these relationships, we help business families to reconnect, and therefore, consolidate their family project. Only then can delicate issues be successfully tackled.
Shared vision, generational replacement, corporate governance bodies, passive shareholders, remuneration of the members of the family who are working in the business, intergenerational coexistence…
These are some of the topics which should be ineludibly handled in order to lay a sound foundation for the continuity of the company. However, over 15 years of experience in this field tell us that no agreement will be effective if the most important issue is forgotten.


Gamification could be defined as the use of elements and strategies once belonging exclusively to the gaming world in other areas of life such as in companies, education, marketing, the social web, investigation, etc.

With these techniques, we want to attract the interest of the user through his commitment to the task being carried out.

Thanks to this awakening interest we can work on personal aspects like motivation, cooperation, participation, faithfulness or creativity.

Gamification can shake up learning processes, like training, and can improve team building, strategy development or the management of NGOS, for instance.

Our team

Roger Brufau

Founder and CEO

Innovation and knowledge hunter. His work is based on strategies which encourage creativity, individual and collective talent, and collective learning.
Psychologist, systemic coach and family therapist. Expert in the use of gamification in developing company strategies, thereby reaching balanced team management and empowerment.

Toia Castellà

Consultant – inuit Educació

Loves learning from everything and everyone. She studied teaching, psychology, psycho-pedagogic assessment, family therapy, systemic coaching and has also been trained in new methodologies like LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.

Carles Peidró

Facilitator and Process Designer

Inuit collaborator. Experienced in public participation, planning and evaluation. Passionate about visual communication, new methodologies and searching for different ways of conceiving, thinking and creating.

Marc Solé

Project Manager – Gamification and Social Area

Sociologist at UB (University of Barcelona). Expert in motivational processes within companies as well as with adolescents and young children.

Patrícia de Andrés

In charge of Inuit Education

Degree in pedagogy, graduated in logopedics and systemic pedagogy. She is an expert in learning and high capacity techniques, a consultant and a teacher in educational centers. A trainer within the Department of Education (Government of Catalonia) as well as a facilitator in changing processes and an adviser in pedagogical renewal.

Priscil·la Cañizares

Clinical Psychologist and Hippotherapist

Creativity and curiosity embodied, she loves learning from everything and everyone. Priscil·la is a forensic and criminal psychologist, an expert in systemic family accompaniment and the developer of socio-educational projects which focus on the prevention and resolution of emerging needs.

Bruno Ibañez

Technological adviser

Expert in telecommunications. Curious about new technologies, he is in continuous development. Due to his experience in the world of professional basketball, Bruno offers another point of view to relational problems. He treats sport as an important tool to create values, not as an end in itself.

Yolanda Mora

Inuit Consultant – Innovation in Family Business

Family business consultant. Partner in Gandarillas Mora & Asociados Ltd. She is also a psychologist, economist, family therapist and an expert in nonverbal communication.

Joan Pagès

Viticulturist. He is in charge of Biodynamic Agriculture

Expert in environmentally respectful pruning against wood diseases in grape-growing. Adviser in biodynamic agriculture.

Our clients

These are only some of the companies and institutions who have trusted Inuit to carry out their processes of change and adjustment.

Long story short…

At Inuit we encourage collaborative processes within human systems to improve life and the people involved.

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